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nontre's Home & Linen Spray is a 100% natural and antibacterial spray which acts as a powerful, natural bug deterrent, whilst refreshing and rejuvenating household fabrics, clothes, linen, carpet, bedding and soft cuddly toys.

Our natural blend of essential oils is biodegradable in nature and non-toxic for your home and the environment.

Using 100% natural Lavender this spray delivers a beautiful scent with a calming and grounding effect on your body and mind whilst delivering antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Why use nontre's Home & Linen Spray?

  • 100% natural
  • Bug deterrent
  • Fresh Lavender and Citrus aroma
  • Non-toxic for your home & the environment
  • Antibacterial

How to use:

From bedding, cushions and carpet to cuddly toys and pet beds, there are so many uses for this 100% natural multitasker. 

When using your home and linen spray, always stand about 20cm away from the surface you are going to spray. Use the trigger to release the fine mist over your fabrics and furnishings to refresh and protect them. 

**Do not spray onto hard floors.


$39.95 Regular Price
$23.97Sale Price
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